New Face For LandSharkSTi.com

LandSharkSTi takes Import 150 Class at The Texas Mile Season Opener

Land Shark

A killer smooth-talking shark is stalking lonely housewives who he convinces to open their doors. An unsuspecting lady is listening to a public warning on the radio when she hears a knock at the door:

*cue Jaws music*

Lady: " Who is it?"

Landshark: "Plumber."

Lady: "I didn't hire a plumber. Who is it!?"

Landshark: "Flowers."

Lady: "What... for who"

Landshark: "Plumber"

Lady:"... you're.. that crazy shark aren't you?''

Landshark: " No maam, I am just a dolphin.. will
you let me in please?"

Lady: "A dolphin! Ok!"

[opens door]

Lady: "AAAAAHHHH!!!"


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